April 30, 2011

Junior game warden and wardenette

Rigby has been a junior game warden for a while.

He loves going out with Todd in the work truck.  He sits so proudly on the front seat, watching for animals and helping Todd spot bad guys.

Todd has pinned him a junior game warden, a title Rigby takes very seriously.

Last weekend, Lulu went out for half a day on her very first trip as a junior game wardenette.

It was so cute to see Todd loading all his helpers in the truck...

Rigby actually doesn't need loaded.  He just jumps right in and gets settled into his seat...

All loaded up!  Lulu is checking out her new assigned seat.  I asked Todd if that console folds up so Lulu had didn't slide around and he said yes, but then she couldn't see.  Oh...

Here they are!  Ready to roll out for a very early morning (I think this was around 5:45 a.m.) of sage grouse counting and checking fisherman on Pathfinder Reservoir...

I joined them for a picnic lunch that afternoon and got the report that Lulu did great on her first outing.

She's a natural.


  1. I'ts gett'in kind of crowded in that front seat! I bet they love going with Dad. Lulu will get to love it, too, when she learns the ropes.

  2. This is SO adorable. Todd and his brood of dogs. So precious.


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