April 20, 2011

Happy birthdays to us!

Todd and I were born almost exactly one week apart.

Oh - and two years.  I'm the older of us.  (Go ahead and say it...I know you're thinking "cougar," and "cradle robber!")

This year, instead of going out to a big elaborate dinner for each of us we combined forces.  We invited folks to celebrate with us jointly - at a bowling alley.

Neither of us have been bowling for a while and we thought it would be a fun night out with our friends and their families.

Problem was...we haven't been bowling in Casper since we've moved here and we didn't know which place was the best one to go to.  There are at least two alleys in town.  We stopped by both to check them out and decided on the one with the restaurant attached and Glow Bowl! You know, where there are disco, white and neon lights, and top 40 dance music playing...?

We went to Sunrise Lanes  which also has the restaurant Prime Time right next door.  We've never eaten there before, but they boast the best burgers in town and how could we pass that up?  You can order from their full menu and it will be delivered right to your lane.  That's service, I tell ya'!

Todd bowled awesome - as to be expected, and I bowled terribly - also to be expected.  But we all had fun!

On Todd's actual birthday we went out for a few drinks and I also made him a special birthday breakfast and dessert.

For my actual big day, we had lunch at the Lime Leaf Asian Bistro.  I'd seen on their menu they have Pho soup, a Vietnamese soup that I LOVE and haven't found since leaving D.C. - not even in Fort Collins, Colo.!

Just look at this deliciousness...!

And summer rolls?  I love, love, love them.  I'm going to make them this year...

A very satisfied birthday girl...

That night we layed low with pizza and movies.

Do we know how to party, or what?

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  1. It sounds like a fun time. Were you able to use the bowling coupons I gave you? Bet you forgot about them:) Those types of bowling alleys seem to be getting popular.


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