August 30, 2011

The Masons

No, not the secret society Masons.

I'm talking about a totally different society - one of Mason jar lovers.

I belong to that society.  I looooove me some Masons.

I love how useful they are.  You can use them for everything from drinking glasses, to storing nails or buttons, to their original use...canning.

I haven't become a full-fledged canner yet.  I've done some quick pickling, but nothing requiring hot water baths and sterilizing.  I do have Todd's mom's canning equipment which she gave me along with box after box of Mason and other canning jars.  Until the time comes that I fill all those jars with veggies and jams I will continue to use them for their many other uses.

For example, we'll be using TONS of Mason jars for the wedding.  Filling them with flowers and candles and maybe, hopefully, some cute little doughnut holes for dipping in coffee.  

We use Mason jars to drink from.  We have a few stashed in our cabinets.

We've also taken to using a Mason jar for to-go cups for iced coffee!  It's so handy!  The lid screws tightly on and voila!  No spilled coffee in your car...

And just look at how pretty and interesting they are!  Todd recently came back from Wisconsin with a couple more boxes of Mason jars from his parents' cellar.  

These are ollllllld Masons.  With lots of history and personality...

I love the really big ones.  They're so different with their size!  And I think the blue ones are so darn purdy...

Take a look at what this one says, "Strong Shoulders."  It just seems to perfectly describe what a Mason jar is all about...

Todd's dad found this one.  1858!  A quick Google search revealed that Masons were invented and patented by John Landis Mason, a Philadelphia tinsmith in...1858!!

Neither Todd or I have seen one with this kind of pattern before...

These photos are just for fun.  I like seeing what Photoshop can do...

August 25, 2011

Like fishes

A while back, Todd and I took the dogs out to Alcova Reservoir to let them swim around.  Todd had worked with Lulu once before to see if she had her dog paddle down, and, as to be expected - but still excitedly - we learned she can't get enough of the water.

The morning we took them out was an absolutely beautiful one at the lake.  Hardly any scorching heat...clear water and few boats.  It was awesome.

And the dogs thought so too!

They ran, and swam, and jumped and fetched... it was an absolute heyday for them!

Here they are in the back of the truck.  They'd already gone swimming once, but were waiting to go to our next, nicer location.

I did a little playing around with photo shop on some of the photos.  I love this one.  It might just find its way into a frame...

Lulu's first time riding in the back of a truck.  She's a natural...

Looks like this is all friendly fun and games, right?  It's really not.  Getting the toy is a total competition for them.  A struggle.  A battle to be first to the toy and the one who gets all the praise when hauling it out.  You should hear them breathing while they "share" the toy and swim!  There were a few times we thought one of them might drown the other.  I love how you can see Rigby's feet underwater in this photo...

Lulu was very hesitant to jump from the dock.  She'd run in from the shore, but jumping off into the unknown was something she didn't do at first.  But one taste of the jump and she was hooked.  She jumped, and jumped and jumped some more from the dock...

Rigby, on the other hand, will barely jump from the dock to save his life.  He did it twice...with Todd's "help"...but really doesn't want to go willingly.  I take that back.  He WANTS to go, but CAN'T.  I love how he watches Lulu like he's half jealous, half thinking she's crazy...

Here's what I did while Todd threw the water toy...

And one more photoshop pic for the road...

August 4, 2011

Random stuff

It has been a long, long time since I've posted.

I have good reason(s) - I was working Cheyenne Frontier Days again!  Plus my parents were here so my dad could film a fishing show with Todd who was asked to be on Ford's Fishing Frontiers; we have a garage sale planned for this weekend; we've finished our pre-marriage class; etc.

Today, I have nothing but randomness to offer.

First random thought:  I love these pants.  Desperately love them.  They're skinny glitter pants which sounds all wrong - and probably rightly should be - but there is something about them that is so right!

I do not belong in these pants for several reasons, two of which are pretty much tied: I do not have a waif-like model body; and I live in Wyoming where I'm pretty sure glitter skinny pants will get you a few strange looks.  The final reason is I will never be able to afford Alexander Wang-designed clothing and a knock off would just look...bad.  haha

I went to the mall today to hit up Walden Books that is owned by Borders which is going out of business.  Jonna told me they were having massive sales and I wanted to see if they had the book, The Help.  I've wanted to read this book for a while, and with the movie coming out the book has now moved to the top of my reading list. I typically do not like to see movies based on books without reading the book first. 

Anyway, as I was walking in through Target an old man with oxygen tubes stopped me in the parking lot.  "Wellllll...don't you look nice!"  he said to me.  "You're just all dressed up!  You look so nice!" he continued to say as I laughed and said thanks, thinking, so this is what happens when you go in public showered and not in work out clothes.  "It makes me want to pinch you!"

Wait - what?

Nevermind.  I'm not offended.  I have a way of attracting (dirty?) old men.  

I did laugh and say, " you don't!"  

He shuffled away and I walked into the mall.


While in the mall I couldn't help but notice the teeny-bopper stores had some really cute clothes.  I am not above shopping teeny-bopper stores.  In fact, I rather love it.  But you have to be picky.  Not every teeny-bopper look is going to fit my older-than-teeny-bopper age.  

After buying my book, I slipped into Vanity to check out some of the cute-looking clothes I spotted.  I mistakenly thought they'd be decently priced.  Turns out, teeny-bopper clothes can be expensive!  (Unless it's my beloved H&M or Forever21, of course).  There were a couple things I liked, but couldn't justify spending $30 on a breezy little tank top with our wedding expenses growing.  I got this cute cardi for under $15 on the super duper sale rack.

It's ruched up the back, which is different, and has droopy little pockets.  I'm happy...


I had lunch today with a girl friend at the 3 Crowns golf course restaurant.  I was very excited because I had never been!  I do not play golf and have no desire to either, but the place is very pretty with a nice menu and great outdoor seating!

We had a glass of wine and the Southwest salad on the deck which overlooked the course.  It was more than I would normally pay for lunch, but I would go back.  The food was good, the atmosphere was nice, and the service was amazing - which is something you don't always get around here.  


I took virtually no photos during Frontier Days.  It's kind of sad, but I was so busy taking media around or doing social media that I just didn't add the camera to the stuff I was already hauling around.

I did take this during slack, however.  

I like the photo because everyone - rider, horse, cow - are all arced the same way.  

I want to show off my new Frontier Days jewelry from this year, but I don't have a photo of that yet.  That will be a post for the future!

And that concludes my random thoughts for today!  

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