May 1, 2011

Kicked to the curb

Last night something very, very exciting happened...

The Fabulous 400  left our kitchen for good!

Todd started renovations on our kitchen to prepare for the flooring guys tomorrow.  The nasty carpet - yes carpet - sub floor, and nails all have to be out before the refinishers arrive.  This meant the Fabulous 400 had to move.

I was so sad.

You should be able to actually hear the sarcasm in that sentence.

Going... (By the way, check out the corner of the dining room.  Todd took out a weird closet that was there.)



That empty hole is a deep, deep source of happiness.

Todd pulling up the carpet...

The stairs to the basement covered completely, including the baseboards, in the same carpet as the kitchen.  Until you get to the landing.  The next flight is covered in orange carpet...

The point we're at now!  

Tomorrow we'll start the next step...sanding.


  1. I can't believe there isn't video of the Fab400's departure! There isn't is there?!?!

  2. Oh boy, what a job. What will you do for a kitchen while they are sanding and finishing? You'll have to go outside to go downstairs, won't you? Uggghhhh...brings back memories of our remodel! Good luck. You guys got a lot done in the last couple days. Yayyyyy!!! The Fabulous 400 is gone! Maybe you could sell it as an antique.


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