April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

(A little late!)

We didn't do much at all over the weekend, but we did decide to get out and about a bit beginning with a picnic at Pathfinder Reservoir!

Todd took the dogs with him that morning to count sage grouse and I met him at the lake with Subway sandwiches for lunch...

The dogs hanging out with us.  Lulu has the LONGEST tongue...!

She also has the BIGGEST feet!  Look at those honkers...!

Lulu the billy goat contemplating the cliff's edge...

A warden and his dogs...

A public relations girl and her dogs... (ha)

Sunday morning we went to church then had a family photo snapped outside the house...

Happy Easter!

1 comment:

  1. 'Love the pictures, Kimberly. They are really good. LuLu looks like a big dog looking out over the bluff, assessing the land:) I think the two dogs will be good buds. They both have really pink, long tongues. It looked like a fun day. Great Easter picture at home, too. Love the view from the bluffs...thank heavens no rattle snakes around:)


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