April 27, 2011

A so-sew job

I do not sew.

My sewing days ended in 5th grade as I was preparing a quilt block for the 4-H fair.  The stress of trying to shorten my stitches late into the night before the fair was all I could take.  I don't even like to sew on buttons if I can help it.

But every now and then, as in the case of buttons, I have to pick up a needle and thread (don't get me started on how antsy threading a needle makes me!).  Twice since having Lulu I've had to do this, which is two times more than I've done in the last several years.

The dogs have two stuffed pheasants they like to play with.  They're very good about not just sitting down and tearing them to shreds, but a stuffed animal can only take so much tug-o-war before something gives; and recently both have needed some repair...

This poor bird's guts needed sewed back together.  I never said it would look nice, I just want it functional...

Attempting a nose job...

Aren't you glad I'm not a plastic surgeon?  It's FrankenPheasant...!!  lol

Finished!  This photo is like one of those "can you tell what's different in the identical pictures" games...

One bird doesn't have feet...and never will again.  The feet got pulled out which is why his gut was open in the first place.  I had enough patience to sew the seam together, but reattaching feet...?

That's someone else's job.


  1. I can totally relate! Angus has pulled the squeaker out of more bobo toys than I can keep track of. My theory is that the dog toy companies make toys that don't last so you're forced to buy more. But thrifty gals like us can at least prolong the life for a while with our mad sewing skills! : )

  2. Remember the hospital box for you girls' toys with mishaps, girls? Haha. I think some of them have been the hospital perpetually! Eyes falling out, throats and tummies splitting open, and on and on.Good stitching job, Kimberly. I can't believe you picked up the needle.


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