October 5, 2011

One month mark

Today is exactly one month to the day that I will become Kimberly Kittel!

A lot of things have been going through my mind lately:

1. OMG. I only have three weeks until I leave for Missouri and my to do list still feels five mile long!

2. Denial. Oh...I've still got time to buy bridesmaid gifts, make welcome packets, figure out ice cream scoopers for the dessert, make all of our playlists, design our ceremony program, get our bar squared away, figure out where in the world we're going to get speakers and a mic, get our ceremony music nailed down, and about a million other things.  There's still plenty of time...

3. Excitement. I think the whole wedding weekend is going to be so fun and I can't wait for everyone to get together in Missouri!  It'll be one, big, happy reunion of all the people closest to Todd and I.  I imagine our families and friends of yore coming together, mingling, laughing, and getting to know each other over several glasses of wine and  many "fly girl" dance moves during the reception.  I can't wait!

4. A little sadness. Even though I'm very excited to become Kim Kittel and to take Todd's name I'm also a tad sad.  I've always felt like I really embody my name. I'm Kim SEARS!  Searsy.  Yo, Sears!  Ask Sears.  Kim Sears...spokesperson for a senator, congressman, the name that goes on press releases.  Sears, just like the store, S-E-A-R-S.  "You're not related, are you?"  Chuckle, chuckle, as if I've never heard that joke before in all the 34 years the name's belonged to me.

I've never been anything else. It's how people know me.  It's how I know me.  And with no brothers, the buck stops here with the name Sears.  Even when I was little I always felt a bit of panic over the Sears name coming to an end on our branch of the family tree.

It sounds a little silly, I'm sure, but a part of me feels like I have this new identity to assume.  New name, new role, new phase of life...

5. Excitement again! I've waited a long time for Todd to come along and I can't wait to start our life together as Mr. and Mrs. Kittel (I'm going to be a MRS.!!).  I'm looking forward to the new role and new phase of life.

So, in exactly one month I will be Mrs. Kimberly Kittel.

T-minus 30 days and counting!

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