April 8, 2011

Drop out

About a week ago I made the decision to drop my classes.

I'm only taking two classes, but they equal six credits and I just can't manage that right now.

Part of me is very relieved and a part of me feels like a failure. 

I never dropped a class in college this far in.  I remember dropping an art history class that was just way over my head.  I wasn't an art major and it was more than I could take.  Any time I made a change in my schedule, which was basically never, I did it within the first couple classes.  This time, I'm nearly through the spring semester and am going to loose a lot of money on tuition and books.  That sucks.

But it's better than getting Fs, which is what I was heading for.

With wedding planning, house renovations, travel for work, a new puppy... my time was just too scarce.  This upsets me also because if I'm going to ever make a career change I need to get these classes done.  I have an entirely new degree to earn and at the pace of one or two classes a semester I'll be 40 by the time I get my own classroom.  

But I was three papers behind in one class and who knows how far behind in the other class.  I haven't looked at it in a while.  

So, here I am.  A beauty school drop out (name that movie!).  Ok, I wasn't going to beauty school I just couldn't resist that Grease reference.  


  1. Aw man. I was going to name that movie too but you gave the answer! Poo. It's ok. I've dropped out of LOTS of college classes - heck I dropped out of college all together! Wish I'd finished but I have 4 beautiful kids to show for it. :) I felt like a failure for a long time - but at least you have a degree of some sort.

  2. I hate when you get to the point where you don't feel like you are going to make it. I was able to drop a couple before I lost the money, but I had one Marketing class through UW that the instructor was uncooperative. I had a death in the family, surgery on my hands, and a lot going on, but had one case ready to turn in and behind one case,and he would not allow me an extension as some do. I had kept up with everything else on time, participated in all of the big group assignments, etc. and had good grades until then. He gave me a D because I was incomplete. I might have gotten at least a C. Sooo...money lost on the course. I love school, however, though. Kimberly, hang in there. Next time it will work out. Stacey, you can finish sometime, too, when the time's right:) I may revisit taking classes again...want to finish my Bachelor's.

  3. I'm gonna start calling you Frenchie. :) But in no time, you'll be writing "Mrs Kiddle" on the blackboard (if they even have blackboards anymore) - it's been nearly 15 years since I've been in a classroom y'know.

  4. It's Kittel, Kelly. That sentence, in itself, sounded like a rhyme:) Kimberly Kittel! Love that name. Stacey Coffey is pretty unique, too:)Kelly, you should sign up for some classes, too:)

  5. I thought I might've been spelling it wrong.


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