March 1, 2011

Rude awakening

5:10 a.m.

Twenty minutes before our first alarm was supposed to go off.

I heard Rigby's tags jingling then...

Heave...hack!  Heave...hack!  Heave...hack!

I threw the covers back.

"He's puking!"

I flipped on the bedside light, burning Todd's retinas out, and jumped out of bed.

By the time my feet made it to the floor I heard another wave of heaving and hacking.

"Oh no!  TWICE!"

I ran upstairs for the Resolve carpet cleaner, a sponge and the whole role of paper towels.  Todd got out of bed and we both started taking care of a spot, only Todd realizes I had grabbed Oxy Orange, a degreaser, and had already sprayed it on the floor. Fortunately, his brain worked enough at that time to remember the Resolve was right there in the basement.

"Why is it, when Rigby pukes, he always chooses a carpet to do it on?  Even upstairs where there are hardwood floors he goes for the rugs."

5:20 a.m.

We climbed back into bed and I turned off the alarm.  I needed a little more time to get rid of that jump-out-of-bed-too-quickly sick to your stomach feeling.

6:45 a.m.

Up and at 'em.

We're thinking the world would be so much more on time if everyone's alarms sounded like something puking.


  1. Just wait until it's a kid instead of a dog. There won't be any going back to sleep then. lol

  2. I hope Mr. Rigby is feeling better. Poor dog. Angus always pukes on my chairs or couch, never on my hardwoods either. But luckily for me the one time he had the runs he made it to the back door and left me a present there instead of in my room. How thoughtful of him. : )

  3. This is why we haven't gotten another animal:) The puke alarm would work well, Kimberly...why not patent it? Just record Rigby next time. That's true, too, Stacey, kids don't easily go back to sleep afterwards.

  4. Ever hear a cat puke? Now that's funny. It's like, "huck-a-huck-a-huck-a." Pringle blew chunks early this morning. Well, at least cats are pretty easy to clean up after in that department. Usually no more than two paper towels, then swipe the area with a Clorox wipe.

  5. NOTHING gets me out of bed faster than the sound of a dog getting ready to hork.


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