March 30, 2011

Busy bees

We've been busy.

Very, very busy.

In a nutshell, here is our last few weeks:

Cindy and Linds C. came to visit me!

They blew two free round trip tickets on a trip to li'l ol' Casper, Wyo.  Instead of going someplace warm, like the Virgin Islands, they came to hang out at our place!  Linds met Todd for the first time and we all spent some "quality time" together.  We're at Vintage Wine Bar, one of my most favorite places in Casper, in the photo above.

We made a fire and Todd fashioned a stick into something Linds could make s'mores with...

We also went out for St. Patty's Day, had a big karaoke night out, shopped downtown, met Cindy's parents for brunch, and ate a lot.
I've traveled a few times here and there in the state for work.  

Our house is drowning in the deep dark depths of renovation.  We had some flooring guys come in last week to redo our living room and sun room floors.  This means everything from those two rooms is now in our dining room.  I think there's a piece of furniture missing from this photo.  And it is MUCH dirtier and dustier in there now...

It took a week for the floors to get done.  Then they had to redo them all...over...again.  There were major flaws and we weren't paying for that.  They're fixed and beautiful now!  Here is a before shot...

We had a few places that needed patching...

We've decided to tile the entry way to make it more durable, so we had the flooring guys use that wood to patch.  Our entry way hasn't been fixed yet...

Here is the finished floor!  We're moving stuff back in to these rooms tonight.  We still have to fix a few cracks in the plaster in there and paint. But we'll just move stuff to the middle of the room and keep it covered while we work...

Todd also got the ceiling drywalled in the master bedroom and we put spray foam insulation in there...

And the upstairs bathroom is 100 percent gutted.  Todd and his friend Mike went to town on it last weekend.  Mike's coming back up from Cheyenne to help finish up the job...


While they were doing that I was hard at work trying to find my wedding dress.  My mom, sister Stacey, and Linds H. met me in Fort Collins, Colo. What I expected to be a long weekend of shopping was shortened by the fact that I found my dress the very first night!  I'd put a picture on here, but I can't run the risk of Todd seeing it!  

We also picked out our puppy and have decided to name her Lulu.  We'll be getting her this weekend!  Rigby is blissfully ignorant of the fact he will be a big brother soon.  Todd with Lulu when she visited our house...

I'm fairly positive I'm going to fail my classes.  I have been so busy with other things I'm just not doing anything on my classes!  

I found the biscuit cutter I've been searching for for years!  

It doesn't look like anything special, but it's a large old biscuit cutter.  One that makes jumbo biscuits.  You can't find those things these days!  I am very thrilled!

Oh yeah, and we've been planning a wedding.  We finally got a venue nailed down!  We have a ceremony site, a pastor, a tentative time, a dress, a nearly complete guest list with contact information...  It's falling into place!  

So, that's about it.  That's why I have been inconsistently posting.  I'm going to try to be better!  If I have time...


  1. Sounds like my house, minus the planning wedding part - and I am not renovating (though we need to), but we'll equal that with 10 + kids daily and the clean up that entails. :) Love the dress too by the way!

  2. We STILL have some drywall work to do in a couple ceilings, so I don't look forward to the dust...again. Stacey, I don't know how you get ANYTHING done, with the kids running around your house:) It would be constant cleanup. Kimberly, I love the dress, too, and it seems it was made for you, and was funny that it was the last one you tried on:) Always works that way...someone looking out for you above. The floors look beautiful. I love wood floors. I know it's been a mess, but it looks like you guys are making headway, and Todd's working hard to get things done, too. Hang in there with the classes. I'd hate to see you fail them. Focus...focus...focus:) You can still make it happen. Rigby will love LuLu..I'm sure of it. He needs some company, but I tell you, it will be a job with a puppy.


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