March 11, 2011


My mom saw this lost dog ad on the local news page for Hermann, Mo., a couple days ago.  It makes me so sad!

I imagine this poor family - with kids - having a fun day in the country at the winery when all of the sudden their lil' dog doesn't come back when called.

It also makes me think of Rigby.  Sometimes we wonder if he was really abandoned or if he ran off and couldn't find his way home. (Of course, when he was found by my mom he didn't have a collar, so who knows?)

Regardless, we would just DIE if Rigby were gone.  Aside from this dog's size he looks remarkably like Riggs too.  And the description of him being extremely friendly and careless when it comes to approaching people is Rigby spot on.  

I hope this family finds their dog!

A Berger-area family is searching for their dog that went missing from Bias Winery on Monday night.

The dog, named Riley, went out for a run with the other dogs and he never returned. He is a 2 year-old black lab/corgi mix.  Male, fixed, up-to-date on all his shots and microchipped. He was not wearing a collar. He is extremely friendly and careless when it comes to approaching people.

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  1. This is such a cute little dog. I hope they found him, too.


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