March 3, 2011

Barn raising

I've realized that no matter how easy-breezy you want or think your wedding is going to be there is ultimately a bazillion things to think about and they begin to swirl together so you can barely separate them and know where to start kind of like this run on sentence which feels very much like how my mind is working these days.

I'm a planner kind of bride.  I know how things should flow, look, feel...  I'm used to planning get togethers and outings and thinking of all the details that need to be done.  But I was just looking at my The Knot wedding to do list and had a brief "Holy Crap" moment.

I think this is exacerbated by the fact that we still don't have a venue.  However, with any luck we may have a candidate!  My mom sent a couple pictures last night of a barn that looks awesome and I am SUPER hopeful about.  It's owned by my parents' old realtor who my mom is going to talk to about its potential.

If this doesn't work out we will just about be at the end of our Hermann, Mo., list of reception venue possibilities.  This thought makes me shudder because I REEEEAAAALLLY don't want to have to start this process over in a different town - particularly one I don't know as well.

And I really want to have it in Hermann.  It's so quaint!

And my poor mom.  She has talked to about everyone in town and has run around just about everywhere trying to take pictures of places to help me see if it would work.  If Hermann doesn't work out then all her work was for nothing too.

Come on barn!


  1. Is that the picture of THE barn or is that a random barn??

  2. Eric usually gets really nice land and property to sell. He built this barn probably a couple years ago. I understood at the time that it would also be for people to stay in. Our plumber brought this up when I told him of the wedding in Nov. and told me I should try for that. We'll see, when I talk to Eric, if it is feasible, for one, with the price, and if it's set up for that many people. The plumber said it's rustic, but very neat. Hope it works. It's between 8-10 miles from Hermann. Kimberly, my brain is about worn out from the last week...I'm starting to blubber:) Everyone knows when they see me comin' that we have a wedding about to happen! I'll definitely be glad to pin something down.

  3. I had mentioned to the plumber that you would like to find a barn, if he knew anyone:)and this is the first thing that came to him.

  4. That's beautiful.

    I love the thought of a wedding there. I actually even love the thought of living there...

    We had our wedding and reception in the same place. It was called The Bellwood Mansion and was this ridiculously old house on a Catholic School Campus. I think that it's since been turned into a parking lot (which is really sad because it was so beautiful). It kind of had an old Southern, plantation feel to it.

    Hey, something that we did at our wedding that people responded very well to was to have childhood pictures of both Jay and I set up in one of the rooms.

    Also, when I got married I focused on the venue, the dress, the flowers and the food. Once you have those key things... the rest are a snap. Concentrate on them and you'll be okay.


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