March 21, 2011

Expanding family

You thought I was pregnant, right?


But we are adding a little one in about a month...

A Black Lab puppy!

The folks we went ice fishing with bred their full blood Chocolate and Black Lab dogs and are giving us one of their puppies as a wedding gift! Super nice, right??

They brought two of the puppies over last Friday for us to look at.  They are so cute and it was so hard to decide, so we went out to their place yesterday to take another look.

There are 12 puppies in total and many of them are already spoken for.  It was still fun to play with all of them though.  This is what it's like to be swarmed by squeaking, chewing, licking puppies...

We took our two puppy contenders outside to see how Rigby would react.  He was confused by the puppies on Friday night when they were at the house.  Actually, more than confused.  He acted like they were aliens and is terrified of them.  Or maybe he realizes he's soon going to have to share the love.  Todd wonders if maybe he doesn't associate them as little dogs.  Whatever his problem is he certainly is not amused by them and will do anything to not even look at them...

The girl we finally picked is on the right.  She has warmer eyes.  The other girl just didn't seem to have a connection...

Our lil lady is on the left in this shot...we don't have a name for her yet.  Suggestions?

And here's the new crew!  At one point, the puppy was at Rigby's feet and she reached out her little tongue and licked his leg.  That didn't seem to warm Rigby up.  He still had to be MADE to stand that close to the alien...

He'll warm up to her...right?


  1. Is it the snuggler or the curious one?!

  2. I think you should name her Paz or Serena to reflect her calm nature. :)

  3. I think you should keep with the R theme and name her Ramona or Rhoda or something like that. If I had another daughter, even though it sounds like Raymond, I would not be opposed to calling her Ramona. I LOVE that name. :)

  4. They both look very calm. I feel bad for the other one, now. She is really cute, you guys. I want to hold them soooooo bad!!! Awww...looks like she's trying to make friends with Rigby. He'll warm up to her, then won't know what he did without her.

  5. I like to name pets after two things: Food and Famous People.

    If it were my dog, I'd almost certainly name her Licorice. And if I were going to name that puppy after a famous person, it would most certainly be Delta Burke.

  6. I like all the names. Ramona makes me think of one of you girls' book characters.


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