February 26, 2011

I. Am. Frustrated.

Right now, at this very moment, I am so incredibly frustrated, bummed and anxious.

Nothing - and I mean NOTHING - is working out so far with our wedding plans.  I feel like I've put a lot of brainpower and effort into nailing down some details this week and its all for nothing.  

It all started with the annoying realization that our number one reception venue isn't going to work.  It's too expensive, doesn't allow hard alcohol (important to us because we - and our friends and family - like mixed drinks) and just didn't seem willing to work with us.  

After that knowledge we regrouped.  My mom and I brainstormed other ideas and I have been systematically working through those only to have them fall through.  

We have chosen to get married in Hermann, Mo., a historic German town of around 3,000 people.  It's very quaint, in the heart of Missouri wine country, and should be a lot of fun for our guests, but our venue options aren't exactly overflowing.  

After the first place wouldn't work we thought, how about a bed and breakfast?  There is essentially market saturation for B&Bs in Hermann.  My parents know many B&B owners so we considered their places and places where you can rent the entire house.  We could hire catering, save money and cute up our table settings with fun, mismatched flea market finds on dishes and silverware (something that would be very me anyway), and have whatever alcohol we wanted.  

We thought this could be a nice, comfy option, but we also know we want dancing, so there'd probably have to be a tent.  I called a party company that rents tents and every other party component you could think of.  While they were very nice and helpful they were also very expensive, something I expected, but had a fleeting hope would somehow work out.  It's won't.  B&Bs are out.  

The next idea, the Bank Bar downtown, a nice, classy place that has a full bar, nice patio for an indoor/outdoor option, and a second room for dinner - it all sounded hopeful.  My parents know the owners so I called them up to chat.  She could do it, she said, but her place only holds 99 people and we think we may be over that.


Next, a place called the Concert Hall downtown.  I've been in the bar and restaurant area downstairs, but apparently there's an upstairs too.  I called them and he was very happy to work with us.  They can fit all of our guests and have a full bar.  The only thing is, he was supposed to send me a catering menu and photos of the upstairs and I haven't heard anything.  I want to see what that upstairs looks like because I do NOT want our reception to be in a divy bar - as much as I typically love divy bars.  So, I guess this is technically still an option.  

I called another of the wineries in town and they were more expensive than our first choice venue and also don't allow hard alcohol.  Out.

The next option is a refurbished brick place in an adjoining "town" that my mom says is nice.  The only problem is: the adjoining community is a DUMP.  People would have to drive through the country version of the projects to get to the venue.  I've told Todd I'm too the point where I'm not sure if I care.  As long as the end location is good what difference does it make if the drive in is ugly?  I'm not sure it does. 

And the cute idea of mismatched plates?  Nearly out the window too.  I looked online at eBay and all the plates I like are basically $50 for ONE place setting.  Like, for ONE person.  

I'm annoyed.  

I may start drinking that hard alcohol right now.  :)


  1. Okay deep breath. Try to ask locals if there are any available barns. I know crazy, and you would have to rent tables and chairs but it could be cool. Google wedding barns for pics and ideas. If you want mismatched plates, I'm your gal. Don't forget I go to Goodwill and garage sales weekly. If you still want to do the mismatched plates just let me know your limit for each plate and I'll start shopping:) Good Luck, don't worry it will come together. Don't compromise too much this is your day:)

  2. Poor Kim! It will work out. Promise! I like Holly's idea of the wedding barn -- that's you and Todd, too.

  3. I have noooo business doling out wedding suggestions, but have you looked into city parks or some type of garden/botanical area at all? I really don't know what the cost would be on those type of places, but I've been to weddings in both locations and they were lovely. The botanical garden served as both the wedding and reception venue and was open bar - with all the hard alcohol a gal could hope for. :)
    I like Holly's idea of the barn too. I was a bridesmaid in KS and the couple got married at the groom's uncle's farm. It was very sweet and romantic.
    Whatever you decide, your day will come together and will be awesome!!

  4. You will make it through this and have an amazing wedding day as the final result! You are the personification of tenacity and perseverance!

  5. The cool idea about the barn (if it's heated) is that the entire outside area could be the reception too, so you'd have plenty of space! Don't stress out. It seems more stressful than it needs to be. I know. At least you have mom to run around and take pictures, etc.

  6. Yeah, we just got back a bit ago from IL., so won't get the pictures done this weekend, but will hit the road with camera on Monday if it's not raining. We're to get bad storms tomorrow night. Actually, I may be able to get a couple places done tomorrow. It's to be over 60 degrees. Hopefully, the Little Piney Lodge you called had something that will work, too. With the lake close by, etc., that sounds good. I'll do whatever I can from this end of the planning. Don't get discouraged already...it will get pinned down, and as I think of places or network here with people, I'm sure I can come up with some more ideas. I'll be checking out the beautiful silver utensil place settings Tues a.m. and the mix and match dishes. That's the part I love doing, too:) That seems like a combination of you and Todd, with the barn or lodge and the specially selected items with some personality. Hang in there, it's just beginning!!


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