May 31, 2011

Out of control?

There's something I've gradually become rather obsessed with over the last couple of years...


I've always carried a few subscriptions - Cooking Light, Shape, InStyle, and Lucky, but lately, I've been picking up all kinds of new magazines, reconsidering my long-time subscriptions to some, and considering new subscriptions to others.

Todd recognizes the growing, um, interest.  When I casually mentioned last week that I need to start going through some of the old piles I have, he smiled and said, "Yes.  You do."  

It's not like I'm a hoarder and have a million back issues stashed in towers around the house.  But I do have several small piles, neatly kept, that I need to go through.  

I can't help it!  There are so many interesting magazines out there on every subject imaginable.  I like thumbing through a lot of different ones, some for the photos, some for the articles.  Usually, my interests are in fashion, cooking, and health.  Lately, it's grown to include gardening, farming and raising chickens.  Yes, seriously.

The pile by the bed.  This includes a tourism guide to Casper, Wyo., two Cook's Illustrated cooking magazines (a subscription I am seriously considering), Flea Market Style, Rachael Ray (she will be arriving in my mailbox soon), Marie Claire (one I'm going to drop), and a Mother Earth News...

I picked up a ton of bridal magazines right after we got engaged and still have a couple.  This pile also includes some True West copies, a National Geographic, a Wyoming Wildlife issue, Cottages and Cabins, Where Women Cook, and a High Roads and some History Channel issues I picked up two years ago from the Governor's Tourism Conference...

Ah, yes, a 5280.  There are a few of those in here, along with a Washingtonian left by Linds C. after her visit in March, a couple old Cooking Lights and a copy of Mary Janes Farm (one I considered but decided I was annoyed with after a while.  The title also bugs me.  What's up with no apostrophe anywhere in "Janes"?  It just doesn't make sense.)

For the record, not all magazines around here are mine!  Note the Game Warden International issue at front.  There's also a Fine Homebuilding copy in here as well as Consumer Reports,  Handloader, Quartermaster and Bugle - none of which are mine.  There are also a few National Geographics, a Wyoming Library Roundup, more True Wests and MORE 5280s(!), a New Yorker, a couple Backpackers, and an Audubon issue...

Oh my, what do we have here?  History Channel, 5280 (I didn't realize how many of these I still had lying around!), The Atlantic, Country Decorating Flea Market Style, Via, High Roads, Encompass (the last three are from the Governor's Tourism Conference), Good Housekeeping, and Journey Western, Westways, Budget Travel, Coastal Living and a Yellowstone Journal - all from that darn conference...

And don't forget the collection by the toilet: Lucky (one I think I'm going to drop), Fine Homebuilding, Shape, Cooking Light, Hobby Farms (the chicken issue), The Family Handyman, Wood, Bugle, American Cowboy, Woodwork, Wyoming Wildlife, and IHEA (International Hunter Education Association, and Wisconsin Natural Resources).  Obviously many of these are not mine...

What does this boil down to?

A. I need to get rid of all the magazines from the Governor's Tourism Conference.
B. Todd needs to whittle down a few issues himself.
C. I need to FINALLY flip through the remaining 5280s and get them out the door.
D. I need to firm up the magazine subscriptions I want (Cooking Light, InStyle, Rachael Ray, Cook's Illustrated, and Shape) and those I don't (Lucky and Marie Claire).

And maybe I should throw some books in there periodically...just a thought.  


  1. Yep, we have the same problem around here. Some I don't want to get rid of and won't. I love the Flea Market Style, and think I'll subscribe to that one. It's cheaper that way. I have tabbed so many pages in them. I'm glad Nancy really enjoyed looking at my tabbed magazines in the rack. It's fun, relaxing, and gets the creative juices what's the problem:)

  2. Kim - have you read the book "Eats, Shoots, Leaves" by Lynne Truss? Your 'missing apostrophe' comment tells me that you'd enjoy it!

  3. I've subscribed to BeadStyle since the premiere issue in 2003, and recently ended mine to Crochet Today since I've basically given up on crochet.

    I recently bought a copy of Self, Shape, Fitness and Women's Health thinking I wanted to subscribe to one (leaning towards Fitness - used to subscribe to Self, but got sick of it.) When I was in high school, I subscribed to Glamour (made me feel like I graduated from the Teen/YM/Seventeen years) and even subscribed to People en Español at one point.

    If I subscribed to a fashion/beauty magazine I would most likely go with Elle just because I like the way the magazine is laid out. I've thought about Allure, but feel like I would get tired of it quickly. As far as cooking magazines, I've bought Eating Well a couple times and thought that would be a good one to subscribe to (even though I rarely cook.) I just like that it's thin and the simple covers of just fruits or veggies. Now let's count how many times I wrote subscribe/subscription.


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