May 19, 2011

Small town service

The Rotunda lit up at night.
There are a lot of benefits to living in a small town, one of which is: you know people.

Some would argue this is a drawback of a small town, but for us, who are planning a wedding from a distance, having my parents know people is working in our favor!  

When my mom went to City Hall to get the contract for the Rotunda she learned the reception would have to be shut down by 9 p.m., and the place cleaned up with the key returned by the next morning.

Recognizing this would put an early damper on the fun, my mom told me, "I'll talk to the mayor."

When they finally connected, the mayor told my mom not to worry about a thing; we could have the Rotunda until 10:30 p.m.  And cleaning up?  Don't worry about it until the next day...


We'll be inviting the mayor and his wife to swing by the party he so nicely let us keep going!

You sure wouldn't get that kind of help in the big city!  

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  1. That is such a cool picture, Kimberly. I hadn't seen it like this before. Yes, I think the Mayor was very nice and generous with our request for times. That was great of you two to invite he and his wife to the wedding. When we lived in O'Fallon, MO., it was so big and busy we didn't know anyone except in our homeowner's group. I think everyone will enjoy visiting Hermann and seeing what the town has to offer, in November. Please stop by our house while you are here, too.


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