March 2, 2012

(Art) crushing

I am crushing, ok, let's be real - loving, obsessing(??) - over this artist I found on Pinterest a couple days ago. 
Love her.




She is one of my new art crushes!

Her name is Starla Halfmann and she is a burgeoning artist out of Austin, Texas. 

One day, I decided to check out the "everything" option on Pinterest and as I was scrolling down the page caught a glimpse of this painting...

Painting (c) Starla Halfmann. Photo courtesy
I flipped! 

The color!  The whimsey!  The flowers!  

I scrolled through her whole website.  I clicked to a place where I could purchase.  After conversing with Starla on Pinterest (a very friendly, helpful gal she is too!) I bought two.  One for our living room and one for someone I can't name yet because it is a gift.  :)

Here's her current project idea according to her website:
I typically paint huge impasto oil paintings that are heavily symbolic with a dreamlike quality; however, since large scale work like this usually takes months, I’ve decided to change it up! So I’m going to challenge myself to try and paint a bird a day.  It’ll be my daily “workout” as an artist. Some days I might paint 3 – some days I might not finish one. Regardless, I will post something daily. Each bird painting will have a quote or inspirational message on the back of the canvas  depending on what I was feeling when I painted it. - Starla Halfmann
To crank out something like this daily - let alone ever! -  just blows my mind.  I could never, ever do that and I envy those that have the artistic ability to do so.

Here is today's bird.  I want it too.  In fact, I commented on her pin of this painting that I have a feeling I'll be buying a lot of her stuff this year...

Painting (c) Starla Halfmann. Photo courtesy

Here is a painting I am DYING, absolutely DYING over, but isn't part of the Paint A Bird A Day series...

Painting (c) Starla Halfmann. Photo courtesy

Take a look at her Pinterest page at her other artwork.  Isn't she amazing?

There is another artist, of the best friend type, who's got a cool thing going on too!  Since I'm not sure if she wants to be named I will stick to her Etsy handle of sevenwing

I just saw her newest piece and was amazed.  Honestly, I didn't realize how much talent she had!  This is "I Love You :12 Languages."  Check out the detail behind the words (you might have to blow it up to see it better)...

Painting (c) sevenwing.  Photo courtesy

Now, to find wall space for all my new art crushes! 

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  1. I like those paintings. The "I Love You" one is cool.


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