March 23, 2012

Cool treats

I'm not typically one for ice cream.  It's too sweet and makes me immediately thirsty.  Todd is though.  Vanilla ice cream with berries is one of his most favorite treats. 
I admit, since we always have ice cream in the fridge I will, on a rare occassion, have a bite.  But it's not my favorite.  Imagine how weird it was for me to suggest we stop at Dairy Queen earlier this week for a "cool treat." 

We went to Verizon to donate an old cell phone, which is right next door to the DQ.  Maybe it was the very un-March-like weather we've been having; or a swell of nostalgia for my younger days when we used to hit up the DQ pretty frequently, especially after my softball games; or maybe a combo of both, but I found myself saying, "We could get a cone from Dairy Queen!"

We got into a rather long line at the drive thru and ordered two small cherry dipped cones...

The prices sure weren't nostaligic!  It was nearly $5 for two of the simplist treats they offer.  Whatever.  It was fun and tasty.  We sat in the truck and ate our cones and enjoyed the weather...

1 comment:

  1. I'm with you. I wouldn't say that I hate ice cream, but I certainly am not a huge fan. There are only two kinds of ice-cream that I like a lot. The first is chocolate peanut butter ice cream (made anywhere. No one can really get it wrong). The second are vanilla ice-cream cones dipped in cherry from dairy queen. I don't know what it is, but they're delicious!


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