February 15, 2012

It's the little things

A few things around the house are making me really happy these days.

For starters, these daffodils, that I got for a crazy good price on a whim at the grocery store, are one thing...

I've wanted some cacti for my kitchen window for a LONG time and have just finally gotten around to getting them.  Todd put them in this old planter of mine and I just love, love, love them!  The poor cactus on the left had a hot pink flower on top that broke off in the bag due to the wind whipping it around.  Sad.  But overall, the whole arrangement makes me very happy...!

A toilet seat.  Yep.  It brings me great joy every day - and several times a day, too!  You see, it's a new toilet seat, replacing the old, puffy, cushioned kind that a lot of elderly people seem to have in their homes.  The old seat was here when we moved in and was in kind of poor condition then.  Gradually, the small hole in the cushion got larger and it was unsightly, not to mention unsanitary.  This seat might be harder, but it's a whole heck of a lot nicer...! 

The front entry's tiling!  Isn't it amazing?  It's almost done - it just needs grouting.  But they are laid and they are beautiful.  Todd and I figured out the design, then Todd cut all the tiles himself and laid them with a little help from his friends Mike and Jeff.  We looooove them...!

Our new duvet.  It just makes me so happy every time I crawl under it.  I can't wait to get our bedroom moved upstairs and to start accessorizing with rugs and curtains and paint.  I spend a lot of time looking at ideas that will look nice with the duvet...

This new pan makes me crazy happy.  It is the first of hopefully many nice, chef quality pans I hope to have.  I'm so tired of the random assortment of pans I have that are mostly non-stick, which makes me NUTS.  This baby is stainless with an aluminum bottom for even heat distribution.  I want to cook with it every day...!

My food processor.  I've never had one.  In December, I used my bridal shower money to pick out this baby.  It's big...but it's awesome...!

It's nice to have things around the house that make you happy, isn't it?  


  1. Oh, Kim, I just love you.

    That entry way looks fantastic! I love the bold, classic design. It looks great with the dark wood.

  2. Rigby & Lulu's expressions are hilarious. They're like, "Uh-oh here she comes with the camera again."

    I'm gonna take pictures of some of my findings at Shop Around the Corner and put them on my WP blog soon.

  3. Yes, it is nice to have things around the house that make you happy, including my wonderful husband and family:) Kimberly you and Todd are really making your house nice. I love the tile and the two doggies sitting on it:) They match!! The daffodils look extremely healthy! Love the potted cacti, too. I have green antique pottery in my kitchen window. Just got back from IL today...(sounds like the Creedence song)and my sisters and I went to several antique places, so found a few things, then I stopped at the Pink Elephant antique mall at Staunton, IL and found the big funnel I was looking for to use in a project, for a great price. Then deals at Hancock Fabrics and on to home. Great visit with my sisters and their families, beautiful weather and shopping today, and now glad to be home!


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