March 6, 2012

"I got a ouchie."

A couple days ago, I was reading a magazine when Lulu came over and put her paw up on my knee.
I glanced down and saw a small gash on the top of her paw.  Neither Todd or I had seen it earlier and had no idea where it came from.  Poor puppy.  I swear it was like she was trying to say, "Mama...I got a ouchie."

Todd cleaned it out and fixed her up with some tape to seal it and keep her from licking on it.

She looked so cute with her little white "boot".  I've taken to calling her Boots Magee and I have no idea where it comes from...

She didn't quite know how to step on it.  She kind of threw her paw out and slapped it on the floor. And she was remarkably good about not chewing on it. 

"I need extra love, daddy.  I'm hurt and a princess..."

"How bad is it really, brother...?"

"I'm so cute..."

"And SO stoic!  Somehow, I'll live..."

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