February 3, 2011

The item I most dread

Swimming suits.

I hate all of them.  I hate shopping for them.  I hate trying them on.  I hate the way they look on me.  Hate, hate, hate.

But sometimes, unfortunately, they are a necessary evil.  Like, when, say...you're going to Mexico for a week.  Since it would be universally viewed as weird to be on the beach in a burka, a swimsuit is a must have.

It's not because I'm modest.  It's because I hate the way they look on me.  If I had the body of a Victoria's Secret model I wouldn't even be writing this post.  But I don't and consequently I dread having to parade around flaunting every flaw I spend most of the months of the year happily hiding.

Knowing how long it takes to find a suit I can live with, I started my Great Swimming Suit Search a couple months back.  Surprisingly, I found a suit I rather liked in a catalog I randomly received one day and which I had never received before.  I consider it divine intervention.  The suit was comfortable - unheard of.  And I didn't feel 100 percent wretched in it like I usually do.  I kept it.

While I "liked" the suit, it was really more sporty than sexy and I wished it made me feel more like lounging at a fancy resort - like the one we're going to - than hitting the waves for a surfing competition.

So, I decided to look for another for some variety.  We will be there a week after all, and I should probably have a back up.  Not many places have swimming suits out yet, so the selection was quite limited.  However, I think I found one that is a little more lounge-appropriate.

We'll see how it goes, but I guess, what should I care?  I'll likely be in a cover up most of the time anyway!


  1. Twice in my life I've had a swimming-suit ready bod. The first time I was white water kayaking all spring, summer and fall and skiing like a fiend in the winter. I STILL had complaints about my body though it was the BEST I'd ever looked. My realization: Genes. Yes, I had a flat tummy, but my thighs still touched -- notice Miss America's never do? It's a rule. I think. So, fast forward to the second time I had a swimming-suit ready bod: I was a size 0 or 2. My thighs didn't touch. But I was far too sad to put on a swimming suit. It was a deep depression (loss of my mom) that led me to stop eating. Yes, I stopped eating. For months. Then I got so sick of myself and people asking me if I had discovered meth that I started running.

    If I have to choose a happy life over a skinny life, I'm choosing happy. Well, happy plus a cute coverup -- super skinny or not, I'm bound to get a little chilly on the beach eventually, right?

    Go swim, Kim!

  2. You'll look amazing Kim! Just think, most people will be buzzed on margaritas and mai tais so for all they know you are a Victoria's Secret model!

  3. I think you look greater than you think...too many years of worrying about it:) You go have a good time and just enjoy being there and being with Todd and friends. Of course, when it comes to me....wouldn't be caught dead in a swimsuit! hahaha.


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