February 18, 2011

Going to the chapel...

...and we're gonna get married!

Remember that song by the Crystals?  Maybe not, but it perfectly explains what Todd and I will be doing sometime this year!




I've been engaged for about two weeks now, but haven't had a chance to share the news here.  It happened on Friday, Feb. 4 - the two-year anniversary of our first date - and the next day we took off for Jonna's wedding/vacation in Mexico.  I only had minimal internet service and wasn't able to upload any photos, so the news unfortunately had to wait.

So, how did he pop the question?

It was at dinner.  Todd and I had planned to go out for our anniversary and do everything we had done on our first date: sushi, karaoke, and Bloody Mary's.  Todd made reservations at a sushi place downtown we hadn't been to yet, a yummy place called Dsasumo.  The hostess led us to our table and we ordered a ton of sushi, so much in fact, that it had to come out on two plates! 

We polished off the first plate and I reached for the second.  As I pulled the plate closer I noticed something weird on it and scooted it closer for a better look. 

Written on the plate in sauce were the words, "Jury's in"... 

I looked at Todd and got out the words, "What the...?" before he got up and told me to come to the edge of the booth...


Some of you may remember how, on our first date, Todd asked me over Bloody Mary's at the end of the night how I thought the date was going.  At the time, I thought, who asks that?  I replied that I thought it was good, I guess, and what did he think?

"Jury's still out," he tells me. 


Who says that to a person on a first date??  Someone who doesn't want a second date, that's who.  

But he explained that he wasn't quite sure what to make of me because I actually talked and could carry on a conversation.  Some previous girlfriends and dates were less than capable of holding their own, and if you know me, you know I'm pretty chatty.

I went out with him again.  And again.  And, well, before I knew it he was saying "I love you," and asking me to move in. 

***Flash forward***

At the edge of the booth, Todd dropped to one knee and pulled out the ring.  He said a bunch of stuff I had to have him repeat later because I was so shocked and just wasn't processing! 

But I do remember clearly him telling me I was the one for him and asking me if I would marry him.

I also remember saying, yes, but Todd says I just stuck out my hand in shock.  Hmmm...I'm wondering who has the faulty memory here.  haha

So, here we are...ENGAGED!  I honestly doubted I'd ever be saying that about myself.  Every time I look at my finger I'm in awe.  Or maybe I'm just hypnotized by my bling!


  1. OH MY GOSH!!! I love, love, love this story. How thoughtful of Todd. I'm impressed with the planning and how much he remembers of your first date. He's a keeper for sure. I am SO happy for the two of you. You're my 'moving back to Wyoming knowing I will find love' inspiration Kim!

  2. Congrats again. Maybe while we are dress shopping we should sing Going to the Chapel...in rounds!!! :) Remember that? ;)

  3. Maybe Todd meant the jury's still out, because he wanted another chance to date you. You had no clue he might ask you that night?:) I'm so happy for you, too, Kimberly and for Todd. You are meant for each other. With the way you two met...Todd being in Wyoming right before you settled back in Wyoming, there had to be something to all of it, don't you think? You were so restless in DC and then Colorado, then got back to WY...hmmm. Congrats, you two.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm so excited for you! Have you thought about a date?

  5. So, we've already determined on the phone that I messed up the meeting story, and that you were in Wyoming before Todd...sorry about that. Love the story of the skittles shirt. A sign!

  6. Love that wedding blog!

    I'm so excited for you!

    If there's anything that I can do to help, let me know!



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