December 4, 2010

Trader Joe's glad tidings

I know I've posted on here before about how much I LOVE the grocery store Trader Joe's.  

While I couldn't do all my grocery shopping there, it's so wonderful for so many things! spreads, cheap peanut butter (and almond butter, which normally costs an arm and a leg!), rock bottom pricing for cheese - good ones, too - and cheap, cheap, cheap wines that taste fantastic and not a thing like Boone's!

It's an absolute wonderland of food.

And there is not a single one within several hundred of miles of my home.

It's heartbreaking.  

So, when we went to Missouri for Thanksgiving a trip to St. Louis to hit up TJ's was on the agenda.  Come rain or shine or blizzard - I was getting to my Joe's.

Todd and his mom had never been to a Trader Joe's and I think they were baffled by mine and my parents excitement about the store - until they went in themselves.  Then they understood, as every TJ's shopper does, the magic of the store.

Standing outside the store, my heart going pitter-patter...

And we love you too...

Lovin' on some cheap, delicious wines.  Why, oh why can't you be closer to me TJ's??  (I'm "wine"-ing, now)...

Our grocery cart.  The wines not in a box are my dad's.  Every other blessed thing in the cart is ours.  We drove to Missouri partly because of this shopping trip!  (Just kidding - sort of...)

See how fun this place is?  The employees wear Hawaiian shirts...!

This sign says it all, I do believe... 

I will wait for you to move closer to me my love...but I'm getting impatient.


  1. There's a TJ's in Omaha, and do I, an uninitiated shopper, ever regret driving through that city TWICE two years ago and being completely unawares. Road trip! Me. You. Let's leave the dogs with the boys!!! ~Juliette

  2. Yep, we got 3 of them in St. Louis. Weird, huh? Maybe Denver, Ft. Collins, Salt Lake City...Casper?? somewhere reasonably close to you will get one soon.

  3. I have a trader joes and a whole foods near me. Honestly, I shop the Whole Foods because they offer a free parking garage... where Trader Joes does not... AND it's in the busiest, most trafficy part of the city.

    I love the Whole Foods.

    They are pretty much the same, right?

  4. Well, if you love Trader Joes all that much (I still haven't been), then you can start coming to Omaha. We now have two!! Then you can see me on the side after your shopping trip. ha ha.

  5. I am also an enormous fan. When Uli and I drove into Alexandria and DC three years ago, the first thing we saw on the way to our temporary housing was a TJs. It was the moment that I knew DC was going to be a livable place. Too bad there is nothing of the sort out here in Estonia...


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