December 20, 2010

Chrismas miracle

You know how much I hate my Fabulous 400 oven. It is a subject I have minced no words over.

The big oven stopped working several months ago and I've had to be creative in my cooking ever since, i.e., cookies have been baked in a cake pan because a cookie sheet won't fit in the small oven.

But we've had a break through:

About two weeks ago, I was standing at the oven frustrated that it didn't work.  I wistfully said, "I WISH this big oven would work!" And for some reason was compelled to turn the oven dial in one last hope. 

And it worked! 

The red light turned on.  I gasped!  I was positively floored.

I yelled excitedly for Todd to come there and we stood staring - incredulous over the development.

Not only was there a red light on, but the coils were red and there was real heat coming from them!

I squealed that I have a Fairy Oven Mother then ran for the camera, though I've got to admit, I was hesitant to leave the miracle happening before our very eyes.

It stopped working for just a second one time after its resurrection, but it's worked consistently since.

Todd and I will randomly flip it on - even with nothing in it - just to check that it comes on, and each time we just pause in awe. 

It's a Christmas miracle!!

These actually baked...!

1 comment:

  1. It is a miracle. Probably a loose wire miracle:) I'm glad it's working. It's so annoying not to have an oven. Are you baking a lot of Christmas cookies this year? Tina brought over a whole plate of assorted, with candy.


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