December 5, 2010

Parenting styles

In one of my classes I had to do a project on parenting styles.

I've had to do a few projects now, and while I mostly think they're silly (I guess I'd rather do them than a paper though), this one was really funny to Todd and I.

For this particular project we had to choose a combination of parenting styles predetermined by the professor.  I chose Warm/Authoritative versus Permissive/Indulgent.

And, at JWG's suggestion, I used Rigby to demonstrate the differences.

Check it out:

Pay no mind to the incredible amount of dust under that chair, something I didn't notice until I was looking at the photo...

He is such a good boy! What other dog would let you put your old Halloween halo on its head, or a shoestring, and not even try to shake it off or paw at it?


  1. Did you start that fire just for the picture? hahaha :) Too bad you didn't have little horns to put on him.

  2. hahahaha! That's too funny. Rigby, the party pup.

    What class is this for?

  3. Yes, Kelly we did. I can't believe I don't own Devil horns, but I don't. So, Todd said we should start a fire.

    Anna - it's for Human Lifespan Development course.


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