November 30, 2010

Welcome home

When Todd and I got home on Sunday everything looked great for a house that had been closed up for a week.

The temperature in the house, which we had turned down, was good.  The place hadn't been broken into - always a plus - and our mail had been graciously picked up by our friend Jeff.

Then we started hauling stuff downstairs.

In the laundry room something was definitely wrong.  There was a pile of dirt that looked like it had been washed in and a trail of dried dirty water to the drain.

What the h-e-double hockey sticks??

And whatever water had come in had found its way to behind one of our bedroom walls...

The best we can figure right now is: the pipe outside to our sprinkler system had burst and the water had been on.  This doesn't make any sense because Todd turned our sprinklers off several weeks ago and shut off the water.  What we can't figure out is where the water came in through the wall - in that quantity... (That repair was done before we owned the place.)

So, now we have a busted valve to fix, plus new pipe that leads to the sprinkler system, and a leaky wall that we can't figure out.

Welcome home!


  1. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

    That stinks, Kim.


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