November 29, 2010

A Capitol Christmas

Wyoming's little (big) tree has traveled from the Bridger-Teton National Forest on the western side of the state all the way across the country and was presented this morning to the Capitol Architect.  I SO wish I could have been there!

Have you seen that this year's U.S. Capitol Christmas tree is from Wyoming?  This was the first time a Capitol tree has ever come from Wyoming and it's been quite the pride and joy of the state!

I've been following the tree on Facebook and I just love it.  I get emotional over our little tree adorning the Capitol lawn and I love how so many other people love it too!  I love how every town it rolls in to has a special event to welcome the tree.

When I lived in D.C., the Capitol tree was my favorite.  The White House tree, surprisingly, was always a disappointment.  It was cool 'n all to walk around it every year, but it just didn't compare to the Capitol tree.

The Capitol tree was always decorated so prettily.  And it was a little less visited, so it was more enjoyable to walk around.   Also, I always considered it to truly be the "People's Tree" since it stood outside the building where every state is represented.

This guy's post on the tree's facebook page kind of sums it up.  You can't help but feel proud to be an American when you watch the videos and see the photos of the tree in each town...  
Charlie Magee: As an American living in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, it has been wonderful watching your journey over the past few week from Jackson to DC! Seeing all the crouds, the childrens faces, and the public show of support, made me remember how proud I am to be an American. This trip made me long for being back home again for the holidays. Congratulations on a lifetime journey and thank you again for sharing it over Facebook for Americans worldwide to see...
The tree made several stops through Wyoming first and Todd and I went to check it out when it came through Casper.  I was hurried for time because of an engagement for work, but Todd, who was in his work uniform, stayed and then got asked to work security on the tree for a while that day!

Here's the tree in the parking lot of the Historic Trails Center...

Here's me attempting to sign it.  I say attempting because there were seemingly two markers for every 100 people and I couldn't find anything to sign it with!  Another girl tracked down a Crayola marker, but that wasn't going to cut it.  Besides, I didn't want my name washed off - I wanted it to make it to D.C.!  Being crunched for time I couldn't actually sign it myself, but Todd signed it for both he and I later...

On a side note, I always imagine that tree's chosen to be Christmas trees feel so proud!  They were picked out of all the other trees in the forest to be taken in to a family's home and get all dressed up.  I think all the trees are secretly saying, "Pick me!  Pick me!" as people in the woods are hunting for just the right one.

And to be chosen as the Capitol Christmas tree??  Wow!  That tree just got the honor of honors!  Can't you just imagine how proud and glowy that tree must feel as it stands on the Capitol lawn being admired by so many people?

Love it.

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