October 12, 2010


About this time last year, I drove to Omaha, Neb., to pick up our lil' puppy.

I had wanted my own dog for so long, but was never allowed to have one in my D.C., apartment and with the lifestyle I led I couldn't have justified it anyway.  Todd had never been allowed to have a dog growing up and also wanted one.  We looked at the shelter a couple of times and each time I left in tears.

Then out of nowhere my mom called to tell me she had found a black lab sitting so pretty on the side of the road as she drove home one night.  She had him at home.

Two weeks later he was in Cheyenne with us.

He is the best lil' doggie ever!  (Aside from our last family dogs Cindy and Rajah - RIP).  Sure, there's been a few instances with the trash.  And just today he found Todd's rotting elk head in the yard and decided to gnaw on that, stinking himself up so bad he immediately got a bath!

But he's smart - he rarely gets punished for the same thing twice, he hardly barks - unless there's a squirrel, he's never once chewed up anything of ours or gotten on the furniture...  He just wants his lovin' and lots of it!

We just couldn't imagine not having him!

My mom says she thinks he was meant to be.  That there was something special about him - and I believe it.

He's got it good and knows it!

And so do we...


  1. What a beautiful post. I love Rigby!! He is so precious. He needs to meet Angus sometime. I have a feeling they'll hit it off.

  2. I love this! Dogs are the best. Really. They just make life so much sweeter. And hairier, and sometimes stinkier.

  3. Aw, I love Rigby!

    It's amazing how things fall into your lap when they're meant to be. Happy anniversary/adoption!

  4. Good pictures. Here's another one for you. This was right before Mom left for Omaha and Rigby's new life began. I think you've seen this pic before, but oh well. :)

    Me & Rigby saying sayonara

  5. Rigby's much happier in Wyoming with you and Todd than he would be with us old fogeys! He has been a good dog. Kelly, I remember when he did this with you. That's a good picture, too. He was very loveable.


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