October 19, 2010


I have wanted desperately to see a bear in the wild.


But they have inevitably eluded me.

I will go through an area and not see a thing and someone I know will go through there later and basically run smack dab into one.

It's like I was born with a natural bear repellent (which will be helpful if I ever do run smack dab into one).  

A couple weeks ago, my coworkers Matt and Scott and I spent a day traveling through Teton and Yellowstone National Parks seeing everything but a bear.  I told the guys I didn't care if the bear was dumpster diving - I just wanted to see one!  

Then, on our way out of the East Gate of Yellowstone there it was: A gaggle of cars pulled over staring at something on the side road.

We pulled over too and sure 'nuff...


And not just any ol' bears - Grizzlies!

I could have just died!

At first we saw just the one bear... (Ok, so they very strangely look like pandas, but I swear I'm not at a zoo. And that they are Grizzlies...)

Then up popped the cub...

One of the coolest days EVER!  


  1. They DO look like pandas...hahahaha. What a wonderful picture. I'd love to see something like this anywhere. They are looking right at you...good thing you had running shoes on.

  2. They totally look like pandas.

    This reminds me that I saw an advertisement for a show on the Animal Planet called "Fatal Attractions" about an elderly lady who fell in love with the bears on her property. She started feeding them and then tried to break up a fight between two of them thinking that they wouldn't hurt her.



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