October 27, 2010

Fur trade

While doing some window shopping on a recent trip to Jackson, Wyo., I stumbled upon this interesting item:

A fur jockstrap.


It was in the window of a normal enough looking store - not some Jackson version of an adult store - right on the town square.

I sent the photo to Todd telling him I had found his Christmas present.  I'd only get the one with no tail.  A fur jockstrap with a tail is just odd...


  1. hahahah..

    Funny, before I read this post in its entirety I was like, "I'm going to tell her to get it for Todd for Christmas."

    I'm trying to understand this conceptually. I sort of *get* a fur thong. I mean, if you're into that sort of thing (which I'd like to mention that I am NOT into that sort of thing). But aren't jock straps for sports?

  2. Yeah - I was totally baffled by it too! Points for creativity? haha

  3. Um, so does the junk get cold during winter high-impact sports? Huh. I never knew!

  4. Talk about furballs. :D

  5. Kelly, that is hilarious! I think this apparel is velllllyyyy strange!

  6. what is the name of the store?


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