September 22, 2012

Baby room

Our baby room is painted!

I worked hard today to get the color up and, if I do say so, I think it looks awesome.  

Yes, we are having a girl, but I wanted turquoise walls.  I think her room is going to be so cute once we get all the furniture and finishing touches in there.  

The color we chose is Behr's Jamaica Bay.  We got it 50 percent lighter than the original sample.  I love, love it.  I've put a lot of work myself in this room.  I'm the one that ground the cracks out, mudded them, sanded them, mudded and sanded again...  Todd used the paint sprayer to put the primer on, but this paint job is all me!  

The only thing left to do in here is clean down the closet and paint the baseboards and trim white.  Technically, I should do the window trim too, but we didn't get around to priming it earlier and right now I just don't care.  We can touch that up later.  

At the moment I'm content to just sit with my feet up on the couch!  


  1. You deserve to put your feet up. I love the color and you did an awesome job. It will look so cute with those curtains you just got. Good job.

  2. I like the color too and you do need to sit with your feet up. I can't believe how ambitious you are, but that's also because I am a TERRIBLE painter. I can't paint a room to save my life. I don't know where I went wrong in this family, everyone else has painting ability. :) Can't wait to put the crib in there this weekend!

  3. I like it. It looks tranquil for when she naps, and cheery for when she plays.

  4. Looks so pretty, Kim! The color whispers serenity.


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