January 26, 2011


Once upon a time, I had my ears pierced.

I didn't get this done in elementary, junior high, or high school like most girls.  I got my ears pierced when I was well into my 20s.  There was no real reason for waiting so long...  I just simply never got it done.  After a while I'd already gone so long I didn't really feel the pressure or need to have my ears done.

Then, one day, I decided I did.

My friend Carrie got me a gift certificate for the typical Claire's mall piercing and I delighted in all the funky, fad-dy, fun earrings I could wear.  And then everything went terribly wrong.  My ears flared up.  They were hot and red and, um, draining - delicately put.  I also think the angle of the hole in my right ear was off.  I had the most difficult time getting an earring in!  I almost couldn't.

Finally, I gave up.  My ears were rejecting earrings.  I must be allergic to something I heard a few times over.  So, I stopped trying, got rid of my trendy collection of ear jewelry and let my ears close.

The problem was, I liked the look of earrings on me.  I think it suits my face somehow.  And a few years later I started wanting them pierced again, but was afraid to take the leap.  Then last year, in Oklahoma City for a work trip, I saw a pair of delicate silver and turquoise earrings and I couldn't help myself.  I bought them after holding them up to my ear.  I loved how they dangled so gently next to my neck.

That was it.  I had earrings...I was going to get the job done.

For Christmas, Todd got me a gift certificate to get my ears pierced at a tattoo and body piercing shop downtown.  I'd previously mentioned that if I ever got them done again I would never have a 15 year old girl get a hold of my lobes.  I wanted someone experienced.  

Over the weekend, I found a pair of pretty crystal studs and a couple nights ago Todd and I walked down and I got them clicked.  There I was, sitting in the chair talking to a tatted guy with an eyebrow piercing while raging death metal screamed in the background.  I was pretty out of place.

But in minutes it was done and I love their look!  I hope they take this time and I can't wait to mix it up!  Only problem this time: my ears will be a little more pricey.  No more cheap Claire's for me.  At least not for a while.

I'm so classy with my workout fleece and sparkly studs, aren't I...?


  1. I had a similar problem, and you know what? I -- completely unrelated -- underwent allergy testing. And you know what? I have no problems at all with earrings! I even thought one ear was pierced "crookedly" because the earring NEVER went in easily! Turns out I was allergic to all sorts of things and my body was flared up, it wasn't even the metals I was allergic to. (BTW, my skin looks a lot better now, too.) Alas, I still don't wear earrings. Unlike you, my friend, I don't quite believe they suit my face:)

  2. They look great, Kimberly. I like the earrings. Do they hurt yet? Hope they don't flair up.

  3. Yay! They look so pretty!

    Take care of them just like the piercing guys says to and you should be fine. Also - yes! Do only wear good stuff. Only gold and silver my friend!

  4. Looks good. This spring/summer I want to get into making jewelry. I'll have to make you a pair out of GOOD material of course. I'll have silver shipped straight up from Peru. :)

    I got mine pierced in 5th grade. Mine tended to close fast - I remember when I was finally able to take the studs out, the holes got small fast.

    There were several times I figured I would just let them go ahead and close, then suddenly decided I wanted to wear earrings afterall, so I would force the earring in the nearly-completely closed hole (you could feel the skin pop.)

    This cycle went on for a long time until I just let them close completely in 11th or 12th grade.

    I don't think earrings suit me very well, but who knows, maybe I'll try pierced ears again in the future.


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