January 19, 2011


Todd and I are convinced drug dealers have a new way to mule cocaine: In the form of these Country Time Lemonade candies.

Seriously folks, one hit and your hooked.

We first discovered them at the auto shop Todd takes his work truck to.  There was a bowl of assorted candies on the counter and we each chose one of these lemonade candies.

Holy cow!

They aren't like your every day, run of the mill lemon drop - which, don't get me wrong, I love.  Instead, they are like little disks of concentrated Country Time.  You can actually taste the sunshine that made those lemons ripe (if they were made with real lemons, that is).

Of course, we grabbed our candies as we were headed out the door and didn't realize the goodness until we were eating them in the truck - too late to go back and grab the rest.

The thing is: these candies can NOT be found at the store!  At least not at the stores I shop.  They've been on my grocery list for a month.  I check every time I go to the store.

No luck.

Todd and I have each craved them after that first experience and agree they must be laced with some illicit drug.

I was in Cheyenne last week for a conference and when I came home there was a Country Time candy on the dining room table.

"Where did this come from??!!" I yelled.

Todd had gone to the shop and brought one back for me.  Isn't he the best??  Or maybe he's just helping to support my habit.

Either way, I was strong.  I resisted temptation. I wanted to save it to satisfy a really strong craving for them.

Which, after writing this, is right about...now.

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