January 10, 2011

Pampered puppy

For Christmas Rigby got a couple doggie beds.

Before that he had been sleeping on what had to be the most uncomfortable mats.  We'd looked and looked for beds but didn't like anything we'd seen.  Some were just out of the question, like the beds with the faux wool.  His hair would get in that and never, ever, ever get out.

Some we just couldn't justify the price for what we were getting.  Some were too small, some too large.  Most couldn't be easily cleaned...

Then, last year we saw a bed a friend of a friend had made.  It was perfect.

The outside was made of a canvass-like material on one side and a fleece on the other...

It velcroed at one end and the inside bag pulled out so you could easily wash the outside.  The inside bag was filled with real wool that was cleaned and processed at a Wyoming company, Mountain Meadow Wool.  They're a premier provider of locally sourced, naturally processed, mountain merino and mountain merino blend yarns and products located in the small town of Buffalo.

Done.  After looking and looking we decided we'd much rather give our money to two Wyoming businesses than some large manufacturer and not even like the product. 

Rigby immediately took to the beds like a duck to water.

He. Loves. Them.

And we do too!

Heather makes them in various sizes, gives you complete choice over what fabric colors used, and is very reasonably priced.

If you're looking for a dog bed, may I suggest Heather Harlan with Comfortwool Pet Beds, 307.738.2667 or lonebearwy@gmail.com. 

Some action shots of the bed in use...


  1. They look great, Kimberly. Rigby's so funny with his pheasant. Good advertising for Heather:) Rigby looks like he loves them. Good doggie:)

  2. He looks like he's made himself at home on his new bed, and I like that last picture of him hugging his pheasant.


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