September 27, 2010

Postal puppy

You know that cliche about dogs and postal carriers not getting along?

That doesn't apply at our house.

Rigby always runs out to greet him, but this isn't done with any growling, barking, or the ripping out of the seat of the postman's pants.  

And the postman always gives Rigby a nice pat before he turns back down the stairs too.

There are some dogs in the neighborhood that bark at just about anything - including the poor postman.

Our front porch?   A safe haven...


  1. Awww... just today my dog Sidney had her first interaction with the post man in years. She barked, but he pet her and seemed to put her at ease. I've been really surprised how little Sidney has barked since we've moved. It seems like we're all happier!

    I love the name Rigby for a dog, by the way. Where did you get it?

  2. Todd's uncle had a dog named Rigby when Todd was growing up. He loved that dog. THAT Rigby was named after the Beatle's song about Eleanor Rigby. :)


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