May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo!

I just got off the phone with the Dupont Dwellers at their Cinco de Mayo party at Chris T's. I SO wish I could be there!

They were using the old Mimosa Monday pitcher to make margaritas, were having enchiladas, and inducting a newly-minted member to the group.

I went to a work happy hour at Guadalajara restaurant downtown Cheyenne. We also had a lot of fun, even though, as I think I've mentioned, I'm not actually a fan of the food at Mexican restaurants. I do, however, like the decor.

I took my first Spanish class in second grade and we learned about the culture. I wanted to live in an adobe (I figure only my sisters will recall the line from PeeWee's Great Adventure here, "Can y'all say adobe? Ado---be.) house with Spanish tile and a courtyard that had a fountain.

Yep. That was my dream.

This restaurant comes pretty close to replicating it.

The group...Don't ask me why Brandon (in the front) has that look on his face. He's weird anyway...

This is pretty much the house I envisioned for myself...

Every chair seems to have a different look. Suns, birds,'s endless...

Wet floor...ya' think? Here's my fountain and tiles all in one...


  1. Some of the other El Ranchitos around here have similar chairs. I still want to live in an adobe. :) My other favorite part of that scene is when she's telling them about the thousands of uses for corn, "All of which I'll tell you about right now." Meanwhile, Pee Wee's about to burst. That sounded weird. :)

  2. "What about the basement??" Ahhhh...Pee Wee. I still think it's hilarious that it is one of our critical life movies, yet none of us own it!!!


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