April 9, 2009

Grilling madness

I am pretty much ready for a summer of mad grilling...I bought my grill!

It's a cute little charcoal grill that once assembled will look like this...

Nothing fancy, nothing over the top. Just a little area for a flame that will get the job done.

Right now, this is what it looks like:

You'll also notice the weather out. It's just a little Spring squall (fingers crossed)...I fully expect to be flipping burgers this weekend (fingers crossed).


  1. We'll use it in July when we crash in on you for Frontier days! :)

  2. Looks good, Kimberly. You'll be so happy to have it soon, when the squalls are done. We're having rain. It's been raining all afternoon and night, and there is a line of thunderstorms and tornadoes through Arkansas. Teresa said there are tornadoes touching down in areas around them, in Arkansas.

  3. Charcoal grills are one of my favorite smells...

    They're right up there with Banana boat sun tan lotion...

    I think I just love the smell of summer.

  4. So jealous. My grill wandered off sometime at the end of last summer. I can't really believe somebody would steal my grill, but I don't know what else woulda happened to it. Happy burger-flipping!


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