April 11, 2009

Easter eggstacy

At some random point in my day yesterday I had a sudden urge to dye Easter eggs - something I haven't done in YEARS.

So, this morning - after another run thwarted by back pain - I walked to the local Safeway and picked up some egg-dyeing supplies.

Maybe the urge to dye eggs was some cosmic message because later Linds H. called me to see about going to Laramie for Easter lunch with her, Jonna and Co. My contribution - dessert and eggs for Sam (and maybe me) to hunt.

I wish my nephews could have been here to join in the dyeing fun, but then again, I seemed to be perfectly entertained by myself!

I love the Barbie doll-pink nail polish I've been sporting all week. Kind of Easter-y itself...

A moment of silence for one of the eggs that lost its guts in the pot...

The dye kit cracks me up. Just look at the egg holding its nose getting ready to be "baptized" by the duck! haha...

I think the dripped dye looks pretty on the paper. It's like, accidentally artistic...

The finished product. How freakin' cute are these...??


  1. Reminds me of Steel Magnolias! :)

  2. The egg losing its gut made me laugh. Yeah, too bad you left them behind, but at least you didn't smash them with the trunk (although that'd be hard to do in your car, since you don't technically have a trunk.)


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