April 19, 2009

Birthdays are the best days (afterall)

Friday was my birthday!

Normally, I wake up very excited for MY day, but this time I was bummed. After a perfectly fine week of weather we got dumped on with more snow that closed the roads and consequently canceled my birthday dinner plans. No fabulous Ethiopian food in Ft. Collins, Colo.

I was super bummed and pretty sure my birthday was ruined. I was really looking forward to the dinner and just couldn't seem to come up with a Plan B that compared.

On the upside, I did get a birthday breakfast with Elly and Wendy from D.C. We went to the Luxury Diner (where else?!) which was a first trip for the both of them. We had a good time and I think they seemed very happy with their meals. Can't you tell by the happy looks on their faces? Oh wait, we don't have faces here! The poor man taking our picture just couldn't quite get it and I didn't want to trouble him with several takes...

It was at breakfast that I learned work was canceled for the day. I know I should have been ecstatic to get my birthday off, but it was just a reminder of how the bad weather had ruined my plans.

But around lunch time it dawned on me I could have something ethnic to eat in town: Burger King sushi. That sounds terrible, I know. It's not really sushi from BK, but the Tokyo Bowl, what it's really called, is in an old Burger King building. I could never seem to remember the actual name of the restaurant and would call it Burger King sushi...

It sounds gross, but really it's QUITE good for our neck of the woods. I love that place.

I treated myself to a couple rolls and a Kirin beer for lunch. How delicious does this look?? An eel roll and a tuna and avocado roll. Heaven...

Suddenly, my day was totally different. I felt so much better! So what if I couldn't have Ethiopian - I had BK sushi in my stomach! It was a true transformation. All was right with the world...

I then took myself down to the divy Four Winds bar near my neighborhood for a birthday drink with a friend. And afterward I met up with the crew for happy hour at the Depot and then a house party.

I may have had to stay in my boots and not the gold heels I brought to dance in, but it was a great night all the same.

So, what I thought would be a bad day turned out to be a very nice one!

We'll still do Ethiopian soon.

Oh - a little something to leave you with...

Tyler sent this clip to me in a birthday email. SO funny!


  1. That clip is realllllyyyyy funny. It sounded like you got the unpredictable Wyoming weather birthday...or should we say..predictable? I'm glad it turned out ok. I would skip the sushi for myself, however:)

  2. Kimmo! I'm glad I got to spend part of your birthday with you. I wish I could have had sushi with you but at least I had some amazing huevos rancheros at the diner.


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