March 24, 2009

2-post Tuesday: Exotic animals invade everyday life

So, for several months now, as I'm getting ready for work I hear this ridiculous/funny/catchy commercial for the Thermopolis, Wyo., Days Inn.

I just don't know what to think of it!

At first I'm incredulous that someone would actually allow this to go out on the airwaves. Then, once I actually saw the commercial that goes along with it I thought, "Huh. I can see that, but it's still a little odd." Before you know it, I'm singing the song and laughing as I blow-dry my hair.

I have recently discovered Wyoming Travel and Tourism's updated blog and am a big-time fan.

Kudos to them for also discovering the Days Inn jingle and posting a link. I have often wanted to search for it, but end up forgetting.

I just guffawed on my couch listening to it again...

Days Inn jingle - give it a second to start...

1 comment:

  1. The jingle is a little different. This is where I stayed with our class on our Geology field trip from Gillette Campus. I had just turned 50, so was able to get a senior discount plus a student discount for the group. haha. The mammoth site is great. We've been watching Wyoming ads lately in the St. Louis area. It's pretty neat.


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