August 22, 2012

Registry rationale

Putting together a baby registry is HARD WORK.

After talking to a few girlfriends who have recently had babies, I feel better that I am not alone in thinking this.  It's funny how smart gals with common sense can be overwhelmed by putting together something as seemingly simple as a baby registry.  

There are so many silly and unnecessary products out there and it's hard to cut through the noise to figure out what you really need and when.  

I have spent hours reading baby product books and researching, comparing features, and reading product reviews until I've narrowed down the items I think we'll like best.  I've kept by my side the sample registry list I found in a magazine and slowly - very slowly - I have either checked an item off as "registered for" or scratched it off as "not necessary."  

Some items have been saved after being written off as not worth it once I consulted with others who have kids.  Like the Boppy pillow, for example.  It seems like a gimmick to make you spend money on yet another baby "supply."  Why can't you just use a pillow if you need support?  One friend did just that, but she was outnumbered by four others who absolutely insisted that the Boppy was a lifesaver.  One girlfriend told me last week they have three, I believe - one for each floor of their house.  My youngest sister went so far as to just buy me one out of fear, I think, that I wouldn't register for it.  So, the initially silly Boppy was saved and arrived last night on our front porch.  

I find I have to really think through even little things like sleep sacks.  Little Kittel will be a winter baby, so she'll obviously need something on the warmer side.  Ok...a fleece sack it is.  In fact, two fleece sacks in case an accident in the middle of the night warrants a change.  But which size?  How long are babies, particularly newborns, in those sizes?  What if she's like another girlfriend's baby who, I just learned, runs hot.  On to the list went a cotton one, which then required another round of deciding on colors.   

And so it has gone for the last month.  Read, review, compare, list.  

I am happy to say the list is almost done!  Just a few more items to decide on and the registry will be good to go!  Now which stroller system should we use...?  


  1. Haha...oh my, dear one. Lots of research. I bet you learned a lot, though, right? There are sooo many products out there, and a lot of them are because someone like you and your sister checked them out, and found out they are very helpful. I would be for anything that is helpful. The boppy seemed to work great for Stacey, because the baby then can prop up comfortably to giggle and chat with you..haha without rolling sideways off the pillow. Have fun finding out which things are best for you.

  2. Strollers are a lot like cars. Depending on how much you plan on using it, you can go with a cheap stroller that you can easily just toss in the trunk and take out at the mall or park. Or, if you live in a walking community or plan on walking miles on a regular basis, go for a smoother ride. We tried pretty much every baby carrier and stroller and I feel like I'm an expert now. If you've got about 1000 dollars to blow on a stroller, I suggest the Orbit Baby Stroller. It is so great!!!! It's the first environmentally sound stroller that is toxin free. Better yet, the seat orbits so that you can adjust the seat to whichever degree you want. This means that if you're at the zoo, you can turn the seat to the side so that Little Kittel can see the animals as you walk. We used the Phil and Teds stroller and it was my favorite. Also, for baby wearing, I'd go with the Ergo baby. You can carry to the front, side or back and use it through the toddler years (until the Bjorn). I know that I told you that you needed a boppy pillow too! No doubt about it! As far as helpful things go... I think that a pack n play is great to set up in your common space so that you can safely put your baby down and run to the bathroom or to grab a drink without fear of her rolling. Also, I love the California Baby line of bath products! Also, I couldn't have survived without my swing. Bunny used to love to nap in her swing. She did this until she was 15 months old.


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