August 7, 2012

Questionable investment?

At 22 weeks pregnant most couples invest their money in baby things.  Dropping big bucks on nursery furniture and baby necessities is likely where a lot of their cash is going.

Not us!

We bought ourselves an airless paint sprayer!

It's all in the name of baby though.  You see, we still don't have a master upstairs main bathroom...or a nursery that's even on the road to being ready for Little Kittel.  And almost every one of these projects requires a LOT of painting.  Todd putting together the new (amazing) tool.  Yes, that concrete jungle is our backyard.  One day, there will be many posts on it as we rip it out and start over with awesome landscaping.  Anyway...painting...

Lulu just has to check everything out.  Kind of looks like she's about to do karaoke, doesn't it?

Never mind, she probably thought it was the hose, which she loves to drink from...

Here comes Rigby!  A duet...

Back to the important stuff...This new sprayer is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!  Over the weekend I primed and painted 1/4 round for the dining room by hand.  It took awhile.  Todd had an old sprayer, nothing like this one, that we tried using to paint the wainscoting for the bathroom, but it went caput (hence the new sprayer).  With all the clogging of the nozzle, the small amount of paint it held, etc., we covered the backs of about four boards in an hour.

The NEW sprayer??  We covered one side of six boards almost all at once in under a minute!  Talk about production improvement!  We blew through all the boards of wainscoting!  They are now sitting patiently waiting for their quick coats of paint and then...voila!...on the wall they go!

If the new sprayer means we have a completed upstairs by the time we a) have a baby shower here, and b) actually have a baby, then I think this was an excellent investment indeed!

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  1. Look at those dogs and their ears and pink tongues! Love them.

    I've been really thinking of getting one of these. You may have just sold me.


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