July 16, 2011

The writing's...in the flowers?

Todd and I took the dogs up to Casper Mountain last weekend to get them out - and wear them out.

At Bear Trap Meadow there's a loop we like to do that's easy and fun for the dogs to run around.

We stopped for a bit for me to take some photos of all the pretty meadow flowers.  When I finished I realized Todd had been staring at a little bunch of flowers off the path.

He said, rather casually, "You know, if a person looked at 'em just right...you could imagine them spelling out 'I love you.'" (As in "I ♥ U")

I gasped!

"You're right!  Holy crap!!

And this is what we were looking at...

This is a 100 percent undoctored, unplucked, untouched in any way photo of those flowers.

I bet you're saying holy crap now too!

Explain it how you like, but my take is two-fold: Todd is truly the person I'm supposed to be with; and God was telling us he loved us.

There is no other way, in my mind, flowers growing like that can be explained.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, I haven't seen flowers growing that definite in shapes before. I didn't see your note before with the heart in it. It's a sign, you two. You are meant for each other. I remember when we had the tracks in our driveway in Gillette like two hearts entwined. The snow stayed in the ruts. I have a picture. That was extremely weird.


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