April 2, 2010

Rigby Frank's diary...

We are not under any circumstances supposed to have any animals of any kind in the apartment we're renting in Casper, Wyo.

The actual threat as we were signing the lease went more like, "If I even hear someone visited with a pet for even one second there will be a $300 fine!"

That should make most people reconsider the apartment.  But we needed a place secured and we didn't have time to mess around looking for a month-to-month apartment that allows dogs and, oh, isn't $800 a month.  Those places just aren't in abundance. So, we decided to go along with the Apartment Nazi and just smuggle Rigby in later.

We've started calling the poor lil' pup Rigby Frank in the vein of Anne Frank.  Their plights are really very similar: Our apartment is upstairs like Anne's attic; he's being persecuted for something he can't help; he's hiding from an Apartment Nazi; and he's not allowed to make any noise - only unlike Anne, Rigby has to be quiet at night when the neighbors come home.

We've spent the last two days trying to make sure he doesn't wag his tail too loudly, doing recon before he goes outside, and literally covering his tracks in the snow so there's no evidence of him being there.

Todd has even taken to carrying him up and down the stairs to keep him from running like a crazy, pent up animal - which he is - and making all kinds of noise.

We smuggled him out for a bathroom break and a trip to Wal-mart this morning, taking such care to make sure he wasn't detected.

When we got home I ran in first and Todd and Rigby were supposed to follow. I heard the car door shut and Todd appeared at the bottom of the stairs empty handed.

Apparently, the downstairs neighbor was watching out his window, so Todd stuffed Riggs back in the car and came in.

OMG. Harboring a refugee is stressful!  We haven't received a fine yet and fingers are crossed we won't.  We still have hope Rigby Frank will make it through this war...

Rigby Frank being carried to his hide out after being discovered this morning...


  1. Oh, this sucks. If you ever need me to dog sit for an extended weekend I would be more than happy. We could figure something out.

    This is just icky.

    Boo. Stupid Apartment Nazi.

  2. That's got to be tough, carrying him up the steps all the time. In the picture of him lying down, does he have a white mark on his side? He sure looks comfy. He doesn't know he's Rigby Frank.

  3. better save up $300 just in case!!

  4. You're gonna get busted, then you'll be out on your a** with a $300 fine! I'll be watching for the Judge Judy episode. :)

  5. Oh I've been there... we were approved for 2 dogs and 1 cat, we found a kitten and decided to keep him. Lucky for us, our landlord lives out of state and comes in once a year to check in. During that visit, we stashed the cat at our neighbors. Our guilt got to us and ended up telling him. I can't wait till we purchase our own home in a year or two... no more worries!
    Have a great day :)

  6. This is hilarious. I can totally relate. I've snuck my dog past the airport check in counters to save myself a $125 each way fee. I also got my dog before telling my landlord but luckily when I did tell he I got Angus written in to the lease. I'd be doing the same thing Kimmo! Dogs should be allowed EVERYWHERE!


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