April 12, 2010

Happy birthday Todd!

Thursday was Todd's birthday!

I know, I know.  My blog is still under construction and I haven't updated since last week.  But I am now!

So, let's get started by wishing Todd a happy belated birthday!

We began the night with dinner at the Fire Rock Steak House in Casper, Wyo.  I have really enjoyed this place.  It's a nice restaurant with pretty good food - and a place Todd hasn't been to yet.  We rounded up a nice group of his friends and colleagues and had a very tasty meal.  Todd opening the birthday present I gave him...

A knife made of antler and inlaid turquoise in the shape of a deer track.  It's by Barto Collectibles, a company out of Dubois, Wyo. 

Todd turned 31 making him, according to one colleague, an old man.  So, his colleague gave him a box of Iraqi Viagra...

 Ok, the good stuff!  Todd's dinner: the ol' 96er.  Just kidding, it was only 20 ounces...

Mine. A slab of fish (can't remember what kind) topped with tomatoes, capers, basil and a lemon sauce.  Um...delicious!

Todd's birthday dessert: a strawberry rhubarb tart.  I had a bite and it was good too!  I love strawberry rhubarb!  And check out the globe of ice cream on top...

Todd wanted to do karaoke after dinner, so we ended up at this random place called Taylor's that housed several random people.  This girl's name is Aline and she and her significant other were from Oklahoma.  And get this: she lives about four miles from my old boss Cong. Hefley!  She actually feeds their horses for them when they're gone!  How crazy small world is THAT?? She and KJ had just run a load of bulls up to Thermopolis, Wyo., and were on their way back.  I know she was telling the truth too because I saw Mr. Hefley's home number in her phone.  We were both floored...!

The birthday boy singing it up.  He was certainly on a roll...!

Happy birthday Todd!


  1. I love that you found someone who loves karaoke as much as you do! Happy Birthday Todd!!

  2. It looks like it was a great birthday!!! 'Really goin' to town on that karaoke! I like the knife...that's neat. I'm glad you had a great time, Todd. You're not an old man!


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