January 6, 2010

Welcome home, hon

With the title you might think Todd was waiting for me with a bottle of wine and roses.

But no.

The reality is - he's at volleyball practice and the only things waiting to greet me were these lil' guys:

This one actually startled me. I was very much NOT expecting this to be on my coffee table. I guess this is where all the bear burger we've been eating has come from. Excuse the tree still up. I'm harboring a faint hope that Todd, Rigby and I will yet get our picture around it...

This critter is on the dining room table. I have no idea what it is. Mole...?

And I'm loving this one nestled against my Christmas poinsettia. It just adds something to the buffet, don't ya' think...?

Oh, the things you come home to when you're a game warden's girl...


  1. When I first read your post, I thought (and mom thought too) that the picture of the bear was Rigby sprawled out on the coffee table, and then I could understand why you would have been startled by that! :) That probably would have been the time to get out of the house and call the police! :)

    Then we realized it was a bear. Phew.

  2. Todd said if it were Rigby it would be because he'd left too much hair around the house and snapped! LOL!!!!!

  3. I understand with the hair thing. We could have probably saved enough from Rajah to weave a rug, or make a throw that looked like a bear. What was the occasion for the nice trinkets?


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