January 31, 2010

Kitchen Conundrum

I have lots of kitchen utensils, but there are a few things I want - very badly - that I can not, for the life of me, find.  The thing that gets me, is the stuff I want is simple.  I can not find simple.  I can find anything BUT simple.  It's annoying.

There is a recipe I wanted to try for supper tonight - seafood potpies - that I would like ramekins for.  Simple, white, large ramekins would do just fine.  I don't know why I don't already own some, but I don't, and I want them.  This is not the recipe, but the ramekins would work!  I want to make seafood potpies.  If the recipe works I'll share it!

Todd and I went on a fruitless search today for them.  Target had pretty much what I was hoping for, but only had two in stock which isn't going to do.  After Bed, Bath & Beyond, Khols, Penney's and Dillards, we gave up.

I also want scissor tongs.  Silver.  Short.  Rounded ends.  How can this be too much to ask?  None of the above mentioned stores had them either.

And finally, I want an extra large, antique biscuit cutter.  I've searched the antique stores and have found smaller ones, but no biggie.  It's really crampin' my biscuit cutting style! 

The search is ongoing...


  1. I had two of those tongs, and sent one pair with Dad to the lake, and you might try Pier One for the ramekins, or a kitchen store. I'm really surprised Target or Kohls didn't have them. It seems you used to see them everywhere. The Dollar Store might even have some. Good luck.

  2. I can't believe you couldn't find ramekins at BB&B. Corningware makes great ones. Check online. As for the antique biscuit cutters, best of luck. :)

  3. I'll check at our antique stores or Red Barn for the biscuit cutters.

  4. Oh, no! Those are all on my wish-list. Good luck!

  5. Crate and Barrel usually has ramekins. good luck.

  6. I would say check on ebay or craiglist. I find everything I want there. Good luck.


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