December 26, 2009


Every year in D.C., there is a big Capitol Christmas tree lighting event. The tree is decorated with ornaments from kids around one state (next year it's Wyoming!).

It gets less traffic than the White House tree, but the White House tree has nothing on the Capitol tree!

I love that tree.

I was clearly going to miss seeing last year's Capitol tree, and I missed seeing the Wyoming tree too. This year, I wasn't about to miss our state one.

Todd, Nancy and I went to the Capitol on Christmas Eve day to see the tree and show Nancy the Capitol building...

Here's the state tree right when you walk through the Capitol doors...

An aerial view...

Todd for governor!

I can't help myself anytime I'm around large stuffed, sculpted, kitschy animals/characters. I love them! They crack me up! I will share a photo montage of me and overly huge animals in a future post. This particular buffalo is in the basement of the Capitol...

We were looking at all the Legislature photos around the building when I spied this honorable legislator's name...You think he got made fun of in school??

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  1. Tell Todd....Hey, Gov! Great pictures again. Looks like everyone was having fun, even in the cold. Tell Nancy have a safe trip as much as she can, on the way back home. I hope it was a great week in Cheyenne. I like the sad keister one, Kimberly.


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