February 13, 2009

Runnin' on fumes

My post today was going to either be about my awesome run this morning in the snow or about the Korean restaurant Molly, Brandon and I are trying today for lunch.

All these ideas went out the window, however, when I ran out of gas in front of the Capitol this morning.

We were up there coordinating a press conference. On the way up I forewarned my coworker Matt that I was so low on gas we'd be lucky to make it the few blocks to the Capitol. We were lucky...but not for long.

Matt ran to his dad's house to get a gas can then went and filled it up before coming to get me. How chivalrous is that?! My hero - clearly. I bought him a coffee from City News and will be buying him a six-pack later...


  1. Oh! I am so sorry. You look great, though.

  2. You get all the bad luck! Don't go to Vegas!!!

  3. Cars don't run on fumes very well:)


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