January 27, 2009

Winter wear

We've got lots of snow and cold, cold wind in Cheyenne right now.

So, yesterday I decided to pull out my Valenkis Rus boots - the Russian-made wool boots I bought in D.C., but rarely had an occasion to wear out there. I love these things, but also think they kind of look like hooves, making me feel somewhat like a centaur when I wear them. I also think wearing your pants in them like this gives them a rather Russian flare...

And obviously, when interstates are closed because the wind is blowing so hard snow is drifting (and pelting you in the face like shot) it's a good idea to walk to work and back, right? I had to stop at one point to fashion a make-shift facemask out of my scarf.

Coming in from the cold...


  1. I would be driving to work in that stuff, Kimberly. Frostbite is a real possibility. I like those boots. I didn't know Cheyenne was having it so bad right now. We've got snow and sleet yesterday and today. I shoveled the walk, and it's already closed in. It's gorgeous out, though, and I was tempted to go for a walk earlier.

  2. Those boots do look a bit like hooves. How funny! But I bet they are warm.

    I can't believe you are walking to work. You are totally re-acclimated to Wyoming!

  3. They do look like hooves, bu I really like them!

  4. They totally look like hooves. Have you ever seen the Christmas Extravaganza show that the rockettes do at Radio City Music Hall? They remind me of their dancing shoes for the reindeer dance.


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